Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo: 10" 14K LCD 3D Printer

Experience the most reliably accurate detection system thanks to our patented 3-point piezoelectric sensor.
Integrated seamlessly with the Phrozen GO App,it’s connected 24/7 to your phone for timely monitoring.

Smart Residue Detection
● Smart Failure Detection
24/7 Mobile Connection

Sonic Mighty Revo

| Smart Residue Detection |

Avoid breaking your LCD screen due to cured particles in the vat. The sensor will cue the printer to stop printing
once it detects any foreign objects between the building plate and the release film upon the first layer of printing.

Sonic Mighty Revo

| | Smart Failure Detection | |

Promptly detect any possible abnormalities during the printing process through your Phrozen GO app

as an additional layer of security to ensure a successful print.

Sonic Mighty Revo

| Keep It Under Control, Even on the GO |

Always have an eye on your prints whenever and wherever you are with a mobile app made specifically for the Mighty.

Monitor your print on the go or stop printing upon the earliest detection of failure, all from the palm of your hand.

With a built-in camera, you can remotely monitor the printing status through photos.

Future updates will include time-lapse photography and real-time streaming capabilities.

*Time-lapse photography is anticipated to be implemented by May 2024, and real-time streaming monitoring by August 2024,

accessible through a firmware upgrade.